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The allegation that websites about the theory of evolution in Turkey are being censored is far from reflecting the truth

Recently some news reports have appeared in both the Turkish and international press alleging that websites expounding the theory of evolution are being censored. These inaccurate claims are intended to portray Turkey as a country where it is impossible to discuss the theory of evolution, and the name of Mr. Adnan Oktar has been unjustly linked to this.

Darwinism occupies an official place on the curricula of schools and universities just about everywhere in the world.

The reports in these headlines do not, therefore, represent the true facts.

First and foremost it needs to be made clear that Mr. Adnan Oktar has no links whatsoever with the situation. Mr. Oktar is by no means opposed to the exposition of the theory of evolution, a fact that he has many times expressed in interviews. What Mr. Adnan Oktar is opposed to is expounding only the theory of evolution in schools and universities and totally excluding Creation from the curriculum. Mr. Oktar states that the fact of Creation should be taught together with evolution, along with the scientific evidence supporting it. Mr. Oktar has issued many statements to this effect.

Darwinism is officially included in curricula all over the world. Even though politicians in some countries do not embrace Darwinism ideologically, they cannot prevent one-sided Darwinist education. The scientific facts are largely ignored; furthermore, they are being distorted and misused in favor of evolution. Although it is a known fact that Darwinism is an outdated theory that long ago lost all credibility, it is being taught as if it were a scientific fact. Those educators who oppose it and speak out against it are frequently removed from their posts. In brief, neither pupils nor academics are allowed even to question the theory of evolution, while this patently ridiculous theory is being imposed on people as if it were an absolute truth.

This being the case, the false allegation that the theory of evolution is not taught in Turkish schools and universities is far from the truth. This false assertion originates from statements made by Prof. Dr. Musa Dogan from the Middle East Technical University. In an interview, the professor made an inaccurate claim stating that the theory of evolution does not appear in Turkish school textbooks.

In fact, in Turkey, as well as many other countries, Darwinism appears as a scientific principle of the curriculum. If Prof. Dogan is unaware of this fact, he needs to examine the studies revealing that the theory of evolution does appear in the Turkish curriculum: http://us3.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/1387 /DERS_KITAPLARINDAKI_DARWINIST_ALDATMACAYA_BILIMSEL_CEVAPLAR_ 

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