Harun Yahya

The error of Al Jazeera TV's claim that evolution and religion might be reconciled must be made up for right away

On December 6th 2011, the Aljazeera English TV‘s The Stream program covered the story, “Are evolution and religion compatible?”, asking some Muslim scholars living in Britain, America and Afghanistan about whether religion and science can be reconciled. 

The program was mainly based on the news article with the headline, “Muslim students boycott lectures on evolution” that appeared first in the British press and then in the world press. 

The program host mentioned that he had read many of Adnan Oktar's books demolishing the theory of evolution worldwide, and said that in his books Adnan Oktar holds Darwinism responsible for many social scourges such as genocide, communism and fascism. 

However some Muslim scholars in the program claimed that religion and evolution are allegedly compatible and that all Muslims should adopt this view, and thus revealed that they have been in a great delusion. First of all, the Islamic world in general knows that Darwinism is a theory far removed from science and believes that living organisms are created. Being a Darwinist brings denying the belief in Allah along with it (Allah is surely beyond that). 

For people who believe in Allah and Islam, the sole guide is the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas). There exists not a single verse in the Qur’an affirming that Creation comes about by way of evolution and that there is evolutionary bond among species. The fact revealed in the Qur’an regarding Creation is that all living organisms and the universe were created with Allah’s order, “Be”. For further reading on the subject that the Qur’an denies the theory of evolution and in no way does the Qur’an and the theory of evolution reconcile with each other, please refer to the book: 



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