Harun Yahya

Daily Telegraph, 3 December 2011 – The British and atheist geneticist Prof. Steve Jones has panicked over the spread of Creationism among university students.

In his article in The Daily Telegraph, the British daily with an 650.000 circulation, the atheist evolutionist Steve Jones wrote that most of the dedicated, hard-working and able Islamic students at University College London refuse to accept Darwin’s theory on faith grounds. According to Prof Jones, the reason is the visit Dr. Babuna, the representative of Harun Yahya, paid to the university to lecture over why the Origin was wrong.

Prof. Jones told the following about Dr. Babuna:

"He was the scion of an extraordinary —and very rich—anti-evolution organisation based in his native land that has sent out thousands of lavishly illustrated creationist books and has linked Darwinism to Nazism and worse."

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