Harun Yahya

Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Nov. 14, 2016)

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- The British Deep State pinpoints the hypocrites; is bent on using them because she knows they are shameless and treacherous. The British Deep State uses the PKK, because they know the PKK is perfidious, underhanded and can be controlled by them easily. Throughout history, hypocrites have claimed they are more intelligent. They almost lose their minds when they are called intelligent.

The British Deep State effectively uses technology of this century like smart phones, Internet for secret communication of hypocrites.

- Due to efforts of the British Deep State, Rumi’s philosophy is now the most common religion among atheists, homosexuals. But it is not the Mawlavism known in Anatolia.

- As wickedness is the most distinctive quality of hypocrites, they use even love for evil. When they claim to love, they intend to harm. Hypocrites, in a way, are human devils. They act with a satanic intelligence, backed by deep state and consider themselves to be very strong. For hypocrites, their clique of hypocrites is crucial. They believe that, their clique will help them. Hypocrites don't wish God to be praised. They don't want Islam to be served and will try to stop it when people do so.

Hypocrites claim to be very honest people and in a way admire themselves. In reality, they are very immoral and foolish. When hypocrites are called to stop their trouble-making, they will claim they are trying to put things right. Hypocrites are extremely shameless. Everyone knows they are liars and cheats. Hypocrites also know that about themselves. Nevertheless, they continue to claim they are honest. The top priority of the Islamic world and Muslims should be exposing hypocrites intellectually. Unbelievers are honest in their opposition, but hypocrites sinisterly disguise their true intentions and are perfidious. Hypocrites are insanely hateful. Their sole purpose is disturbing Muslims and harming Islam. The existence of hypocrites is the reason behind the pains in Egypt, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and others. For a hypocrite, betrayal is like breathing. They cannot continue without doing something immoral for even ten minutes. Believers oppose the intelligence of hypocrites with their wisdom. Hypocrites live their lives in humiliation; always defeated by wisdom.

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