Harun Yahya

Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Nov. 09, 2016)

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- There is good in everything. It'd be great if Trump could revive that sincere, warm American morality the US is longing for. The religiousness of the American people was very nice.They have receded from their old moral values. If he can, Trump should try to build a religious America. Religiousness is a beauty and a blessing. Becoming religious once again would bring plentitude and abundance to the American people.

- The sycophants of the British deep state imagine that they are making a splash with their attempts to show they speak English fluently. In fact they merely are humiliating themselves with their efforts to make a splash. Other common features of these loveless types r that they have scarce knowledge of the world &that their articles are empty and meaningless. Gaining the support of the followers of the Rumi philosophy, Darwinists and homosexuals would be very important for such sycophants. They start imagining themselves as very important people because of their support for one another. Actually they are nescient, hollow, unsophisticated people. The subservient and sycophantic character of such people actually annoys the British deep state as well and they humiliate them even more.

- Islam is the most beautiful mode of living.But the majority of ppl imagine Islam as a hellish life as the traditionalists explain it to be. Since they donot know the beauties of Islam,moral values of Islam do not prevail in the world.But now ppl gradually started to see this fact.

- Hypocrites imagine that they can move away from Islam &the distress they feel inside simply by wandering around instead of serving Islam. Actually wandering around would not lessen the distress hypocrites have inside on the contrary it causes their torment to increase in folds both in this world and in hell. One of the evil characteristics of the hypocrites is that they try to waste Muslims’ time and to take up their time. Since they keep away from God, they constantly feel tension inside. To get rid of that tension they want to wander around or keep themselves busy in vain and take up Muslims’ time. The hypocrites carry out ignominious acts trying to distract Muslims, to keep Muslims busy and stall them, to take up their precious time.












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