Harun Yahya

Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Nov. 01, 2016)

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Prophets have never been defeated to fear of future. Prophets always took on the whole society in their struggle to preach religion. Yet they are always very calm, easy and peaceful.

The hypocrites always have fear of future. Their own interests &their wish to be looked after is the reason why they want marriage & kids.

Having themselves looked after and guaranteing their future is the only reason why hypocrites want children.

Muslims want to have children for the good pleasure of God, for serving Islam, not for this world and for ensuring their future. The fact is however, the hearts of their spouses and children are at the hands of God, yet they too leave the hypocrites alone.

The ties between the hypocrites and their spouses are completely based on material concepts.

The hypocrites never think about the torment God would inflict on them and never think that it would fall to them. Yet God turns both their possessions and their children into troubles for the hypocrites. God creates one’s spouse and children as a part of his trial. God is the One Who will protect a person, not their spouses and children. One should concentrate solely on God.

- The hypocrites are always greedy and engaged in a hustle for their ambitions.

Striving on the Path of God is not important for the hypocrites, they leave that to Muslims.  The hypocrites say ‘So you and your Lord go and fight' to the Prophet Moses (pbuh).

Breaking up families is very widespread among hypocrites. They have various traps they set to acquire worldly goods and possessions. The possessions and blessings one is given in this world would remain behind when death comes. Only God and His heaven is everlasting

- Unity of Love Results in Salvation

- The deep states of the UK and USA are trying hard to divide Turkey. We stand by our President Erdoğan, he should rest his heart assured. There are many who are opposed to our President Mr. Erdoğan but right now this is an issue of preserving our homeland and our state. We, as the whole nation, should hold on to our President to weather this storm.

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