Harun Yahya

Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Oct. 27, 2016)

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- The artistic power and the joyous nature of Gypsies are amazing. Their humble nature, their love for humanity is very nice. Many people are not aware of their worth.

- Asking God for a savior, for a deliverer at times of difficulty is an act of worship God informs us about in the Qur’an.

- The reason why some egocentric scholars of Islam stand against the movement of the Mahdi is that it clashes against their arrogance.

- One should make himself used to see the Stamp of God on everything. There is an amazing knowledge on the DNA data of a single feather of a chicken.

- Atoms have rotated incessantly for 15 billion years and have a specific type of movement. They never stop. Atoms necessitate neither fuel nor any other source of energy yet they are amazingly fast.

- There are countless blessings bestowed upon us by God but only those who look carefully see the grandiosity of these blessings.

- Thanking God is crucial. Every moment, God creates every detail. Love is another blessing created by God.

- We constantly give thanks to God for giving us belief and love. But one shouldn't thank God only once; giving thanks should be constant.

- God doesn't want people to suffer. God only wants us to be honest and follow our conscience. God says ‘Don't forget Me, and I won’t forget you.’ Forgetting God is truly an atrocity. God wants to be loved and remembered.

- One doesn't need very detailed technical knowledge to constantly think about and remember God.

- Traditional Muslims want religion to be difficult and most are almost obsessive about it. They usually can’t see that the Qur’an is sufficient.

- The human mind can’t work well under strain. That’s why God made religion easy. God wants people to be at ease.

- Atoms are like 15 billion year old pilots, moving around constantly with incredible precision and consciousness. They never crash.

- An infinite wisdom surrounds people from every direction but some people don't believe in God: - -Their denial is necessary for our test.

- There is inherent peace and wisdom in acts of worship. If one gets tired while reading the Qur’an, taking ablution, paying charity and so on, satan must be troubling him. God created all acts of worship in such a way that they are both easy and pleasing to humans.

- God creates day and night, sleep and seasons, all to disturb uniformity. God doesn't want monotony.

- Most people wear masks, and they can’t be their true selves. They are not reliable, and without trust, and love cannot arise in their hearts.

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