Harun Yahya

Adnan Oktar's live talk on A9 TV with simultaneous interpretation (Oct. 29, 2016)

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The signs of hypocrisy should be analyzed and explained in every aspect. Their acts in life must be revealed and deciphered comprehensively.

Hypocrite uses marriage as an important weapon to use. While marriage is a source of happiness for Muslims, it is a bastion for hypocrites.

Hypocrite doesn't strive for the entire Islamic community, he only considers his own family essential. In Islam, all Muslims are one family.

Hypocrite only wants to guard his own family. However, in Islam, all Muslims are one family and they all are to be protected.

According to the Qur'an all Muslims are one family. But, hypocrites only value their own families since hypocrisy is an egoistic scheme.

There is nationalistic egoism in fascism that exalts its own race. In a similar way, hypocrite venerates his children, property and family.

Hypocrites make use of their families to intend for an eternal life. They say, "I'll die, but my children will inherit" and assume eternity.

Hypocrites only take care of their families. Prophet (saas) called for defense of all Muslims but hypocrites only considered their families.

Hypocrite man regards his wife to be his property, and uses her as a tool to propagate his lineage to provide for an eternal life for him.

Hypocrite woman regards her husband to be a tool for attaining eternity by providing food and money for her. She'd never value him at all.

Hypocrite doesn't trust in God and has fear of death and future. Because of this he trusts his family members and thinks they will save him.

Believers trust in God, they don't say "my family will save me." They say, "God will save me" and trust in all Muslims for God's pleasure.

Hypocrite only relies on his family, that is why marriage is a kind of an insane instinct for the hypocrite.

Muslims trust in the entirety of Muslims as a way of good morality and have love for every one of them for God's approval.

Hypocrite has intense egoism, he first values himself, then his wife and children for his selfish interests. He lives based on such egoism.

Hypocrite is hysterical in his intention for marriage. Believers consider family to be a masjid, while hypocrite makes it "masjid al-dirar".

Family is as if like a source of Hellfire for hypocrites, but they still presume that their families will come to their rescue.

Hypocrites turn marriage into a source of torment and agony with their exertion for attaining eternity and fear of solitude.

Prophet Noah (pbuh) was an honest, pure and meticulous person but his wife was an insidious, ferocious hypocrite who caused immense offense.

Hypocrites are egoistic, they hate Muslims and do not want to live together with them. They also want to isolate the Muslim women and men.

Muslims have families to seek most benevolent efforts to please God. Family is not to distance from Muslims or service in way of God.

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