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The mysterious meetings of Prinkipo and the dynamics of the color revolutions

Eleven suspects of Turkish and other nationalities, who claim to be “human rights activists” and met at a hotel in Prinkipo [Buyukada], Istanbul last month, have been detained on charges of espionage. It was stated that the suspects were plotting a malicious action plan similar to that of the uprising that was started in March 2013, at Gezi Park in Istanbul, and spread throughout the country by means of provocations.

This incident evoked shades of the mysterious meeting that took place at the Splendid Hotel in Prinkipo during the military coup attempt which occurred on July 15th last year. Seventeen people, consisting of international analysts and professors, many of who are foreign nationals, including the CIA advisor, American professor Henry Barkey, attended the meeting which lasted two days during the military coup attempt.

According to the workers’ statements, Barkey, who monitored the developments regarding the coup with his team in a private room all night long, was constantly on the line with the US. Meanwhile, he also requested the hotel authorities to prepare the necessary infrastructure for live connection to the CNN international and The Voice of America.

Ellie Geranmayeh, the senior policy fellow for the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations was among those attending this mysterious meeting at the hotel. Geranmayeh, through a Twitter message she posted at the night of the coup, attempted to break the will and motivation of the people who were withstanding the coup by spreading a lie which claimed that President Erdogan told the people to go out into the streets over Facetime on CNN Turkish while, he is going to a neighbor state for security.

Barkey, who said “In my first visit to Turkey, HSBC was blown up. In my second visit, the Gezi Incident broke out. And now, the coup attempt…” to a hotel attendant during his stay, seemed as if he was highlighting his connection to these issues. It was also remarkable that he left a bell with “Pennsylvania” (the state where the leader of the FETO terrorist organization, Fethullah Gulen, still resides) engraved at the reception as he was checking out on July 19th.

Elen Barkey, the spouse of Henry Barkey who is a Middle East expert who worked with the US Department of State and the CIA and a theorist of “Moderate Islam,” was also a senior CIA official. Barkey penned the book Turkey’s Kurdish Question along with Graham Fuller, who is also a Middle East expert at the CIA. It was also Henry Barkey who wrote a letter of reference for Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the PKK separatist terrorist organization operating in Turkey, so he could stay in Italy while he was a fugitive. What is interesting is that his friend, Graham Fuller, also sent a letter of reference to a federal judge in Pennsylvania in order to provide FETO leader Fethullah Gulen with a Green Card. Fuller was also famous for his articles praising and defending Gulen in the American media.

It seems that some of the CIA Turkey desk directorates were mobilized on behalf of the terrorist organizations of FETO and PKK, which have dedicated themselves to divide Turkey. The isolated island of Prinkipo was chosen as a headquarters where the internal disturbances were plotted. The fact that they chose the Splendid Hotel, which was used as military headquarters by the British Army in 1919 during the occupation of Istanbul, also carried a symbolic message.

Member of Parliament Orhan Deligoz, who announced the July 15th Coup meeting at Prinkipo to the public and has been monitoring the espionage traffic taking place on the island ever since, informed the public that these meetings are held by the CIA and MI6 agents of the US and UK, that these agents use some villas that belong to the British and four hotels on the island, that these hotels had some unlicensed and secret sections, and that the most recent meeting was held in these sections.

Again, the German Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation, whose representative named “I.U.” was taken into custody, was behind the Gezi incident.  Amnesty International, whose Turkey director is “I.E.”, published reports legitimizing the provocative protests of the PKK during the trench events and the Gezi Park incident.

Moreover, maps on which the Eastern and Southeastern regions of Turkey were merged with the regions in Northern Iraq and Syria where Kurds live, and depicted as a new region were found on “A.G.”’s computer, a Swede attending  the meeting. This new region was named after terrorist organizations. “A.G.” admitted that the maps were stored on his personal computer.

It was also stated that “P.S.”, a German who attended the meeting, was the mastermind of the disturbances in many countries besides Turkey, including Kenya, Angola, Mozambique, and Nepal. “P.S.” testified and stated that HIVOS, a Netherlands-based “human rights foundation” financed the meeting.

HIVOS was the keyword connecting the Prinkipo meetings to the worldwide “deep transparency” project. This clue leads us to the world-renowned Georges Soros, who is the financier and mastermind of the ‘Color Revolutions’ successfully carried out in Yugoslavia in 2000, in Georgia in 2003, in Ukraine in 2004 and in Kirghizia in 2005, and was tried in Cuba. That is because HIVOS is little more than a subsidiary of Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which was the organizational headquarters of these Color Revolutions.

A source explains HIVOS’ connection to the Soros Foundations that are located in four countries including Turkey as below:

“… the Soros Foundations in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkey and Afghanistan are encouraging mutual cultural and artistic co-operation through a programme of grants operated in collaboration with three Dutch organisations: the European Cultural Foundation, the Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries (HIVOS) and ‘Felix Meritis.’”

On the other hand, the fact that “O.D.”, who was among the people attending the last Prinkipo meeting, is an advisor to Soros’ foundations is indubitably not a coincidence. On the computer of this person, the insurrection plots that clearly highlight the purpose of the meeting saying “… we cannot wait for a resistance to kick off on its own. Let’s spread the justice protests over the provinces… These protests should happen every day” were confiscated.

In short, the Prinkipo meetings were one of the recent attempts of MI6, the CIA, Soros’ Institute of Open Society and Color Revolution chains targeting Turkey. They have yet to succeeded, but it seems that such plotters will not give up unless the Islamic world unites. It may seem as if they currently aim Turkey, Qatar and Iran: However, they ultimately target the entire world of Islam. The mentioned groups learned their lesson from the Turkish people in the attempted coup of July 15th, but this does not seem to be enough for them.  Unity not only in Turkey, but also in the Islamic world against such potential threats, should be our main objective.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Daily Mail News (Pakistan):


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